“Collectively, as a family, we have taken piano, guitar, saxophone and cello lessons.  Childbloom is the best music experience our family has ever had.”

Laura K.


“Kelli Larson is the teacher of our dreams…and Childbloom is aptly named.  We have literally watched our child ‘bloom’ musically before our eyes!”

Angie P.


We always appreciate Kelli’s ability to adapt to each kid.  We currently have three children taking lessons and they have different learning styles, strengths and weaknesses.  Kelli handles each one with care.

Carol Z.


“Kelli is a great instructor.  I love her sense of humor.  She is able to push kids in a fun way.  I am amazed at the beautiful guitar pieces my daughter can play in a relatively short period of time.”

Lilly T.


“We couldn’t ask for a better instructor than Kelli Larson.  She is professional and has a wonderful relationship with both our child and ourselves.  She is patient, encouraging and motivating.”

Jan S.




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