Enrich your child’s life with a unique concept in music education.

The Childbloom Guitar Program is a comprehensive musical education program for children between the ages of 5 and 12. It was developed in 1980 by Kevin Taylor, of Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas.

We meet in small groups (between 2 and 4 kids) and we group them by age and playing ability.  Parents are asked to attend the lesson with the child.  There are many things you can do to help your child practice at home, whether or not you’ve ever played guitar. We’ll show you how to help achieve the musical goals.  Our focus is self – discovery through music, and using the instrument as a means of self expression.  We meet generally once a week  for 1/2 hour.  There are a minimum of two recitals per year, but it is not mandatory that the students participate, though it is strongly encouraged. We also have  voluntary contests they can participate in and win prizes and as their skills grow and they mature.  We also publish a monthly newsletter that goes out to the parents which discusses the many challenges of practice and motivation that arise in the process of music education.

Initially, the students begin with rote learning (memorizing six very short, simple songs.)  The idea is to give them a learning victory right away and  also enables them to watch their hands so they develop correct technique.  The students learn to play melodies as well as accompanying voices, so they learn how music is put together.  The songs get progressively longer and more challenging, which helps the students develop critical listening and rhythmic skills. After they’ve completed the initial six songs, we introduce them to note reading.  Later, music theory and chords may also introduced to them, as they become ready for these challenges.

Our program is specially designed for children and all teachers are specially trained to work with children.

We have 2 studio locations: 1 in Northeast Meridian and 1 in Boise, located at Telford & Sons Violin Shop.

For more information, call Kelli at (208) 375-9768 or via email to info@stringsongs.com.


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